Non-Traditional Fun Summer Wedding | Shelby + Aaron

I loved how Shelby and Aaron incorporated unique and fun traditions into their wedding to celebrate their union in a way that truly represented them.

Shelby and Aaron chose traditions that made sense to them – and you could feel how their intentionality brought joy and relaxation to their wedding celebration.

I mean, just look at Shelby’s dress. It was the coolest dress I had probably ever seen; I was jealous I didn’t pick it out myself 😂

Instead of taking posed wedding party photos, they decided to celebrate with their friends by doing a chambong at the bar. A chambong uses a special champagne flute to take a shot of champagne – a classy way to take a shot on your wedding day and a fun way to celebrate with your wedding party.

Shelby and Aaron also decided to self-solemnize their union. In Colorado, you can marry yourself without a pastor or officiant joining you together in marriage. Instead, they opted to have friends and family share memories and well-wishes to celebrate their union. They even had their dog be their witness on their marriage license, signing with a paw print. I am so sad I missed that opportunity on my wedding day; I had no idea your dog could be your witness; how fun!

Shelby and Aaron prioritized time with family and friends by taking all posed photos before the ceremony; they spent the entire evening catching up with family and friends and dancing the night away.

When I have pre-booking consultations with clients, I often tell them “you do you” on your wedding day, and I’ll be there to document what happens. I genuinely mean it, whatever you want to do, however you want it to look, wherever you want it to take place, do what makes sense and represents your partnership. That’s what wedding days are all about – it’s your day to celebrate you two! So “you do you”, and I’ll be there to take photos of however that unfolds.

I appreciated Shelby and Aaron’s intentionality behind every little detail of their wedding day.

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Love seeing Aaron and Shelby’s non-traditional Colorado wedding? Check out Libby and Shaheen’s candid and relaxed mountain wedding here. Interested in capturing candid and authentic moments with your partner on your wedding day, let’s chat!

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