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Wedding days are often characterized as stressful or overwhelming.
Our couples crave the opposite. They desire relaxation, intimacy and connection on their wedding days. They entrust their vendors to document, direct, organize and orchestrate so they can be present. 

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Does the idea of standing and posing for hours make your skin crawl? Mine too. Do you want to avoid your wedding day feeling like a photoshoot? Me too.

Do you want to miss cocktail hour for a photoshoot, while all your friends drink without you? I doubt it.

While we will take photos of you and your partner on your wedding day, my priority will always be presence over poses. More time with your loved ones over more "photo-ops".

Your wedding day is not a photoshoot for Instagram; it's a day where all your friends and family are joining together for the first and maybe the last time. 

The unexpected rain may bring out a plethora of umbrellas and raindrops on suit jackets, but it also shows how incredible your friends are when they all step in to move the bar inside the tent in the middle of a downpour soaking their suits and spend the night with soaked shoes on the dance floor. 

You may have red wine spilt on your dress minutes into your reception. Okay, honestly, that sucks, but it’s what happened, and it sure made one heck of a memory for your wedding day. Those are the stories you’ll give your friends crap about for years to come; we know this guy will never hear the end of it. 

Telling the story of your wedding day and your love story, the planned and unplanned moments are much more meaningful than curated images for your Instagram. These are the memories and moments from your day you will remember for years to come, and they deserve to be preserved just as much as the beautiful portraits of you and your spouse. 

"In my mom's words "Sarah was everywhere but it never felt like she was intrusive". I never felt that she created moments in order to get a photo.

Meg + Ryan

You don't want your wedding day to feel like a photoshoot or like you missed out on moments for the sake of photographs.

Your love story doesn't just check off the boxes, your wedding photographer shouldn't either.



You want to look back on your wedding photos and be transported back to the exact moment of a hug. 

You want to look back on your wedding photos and see yourself not a stuffy, posed version of you. 

"Sarah saved my maid of honor who’s shoe strap broke about 5 minutes before the ceremony started (I guess that doesn’t only happen in movies) and managed to corral my wedding party and family…bribing the flower girls with chip bags. Haha! Most of all, the pictures were stunning. My family, even some who aren’t picture enthusiasts, were blown away with all the beautiful photos we received after the wedding. All in all, the biggest feeling imparted on me by Sarah was that she was in your corner on your day. That you had an ally for whatever it was you needed, beyond the photography. I would book her 100 times over…hopefully we can take family photos down the line. Book Sarah-you will be so thrilled that you did!"

"All in all, the biggest feeling imparted on me by Sarah was that she was in your corner on your day."

Danielle + TOmmy

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"Do yourself a favor and just book Sarah now. She is invaluable! She is beyond exceptional at her job and is a wonderful person. Sarah makes you feel comfortable and genuinely cares how you actually feel on your wedding day. She shoots an insane amount of weddings yet somehow makes you feel incredibly special, you never feel like just another bride. She lets you dictate the day choosing what you want captured so you never feel overwhelmed. I didn't feel like I was missing out on my wedding by just taking photos all day, yet we still ended up with an infinite amount of photos that are beyond remarkable and blew my expectations away. Her work is authentic and candid, she perfectly captures emotions in a photo. She is insanely organized, kind, helpful, efficient, passionate, calming and a master of her craft. I cannot recommend Sarah enough, she was an absolute dream and I would book her a thousand times over!"

CHelsea + Paul

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