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I’ve had so much fun spending the last few months in Colorado, exploring and capturing sweet memories with so many incredible couples. I’ve also been getting a lot of questions lately of where I like to photograph couples in Colorado, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite spots to shoot engagement photos in Colorado. 

There are so many spots you could take photos in Colorado, and pretty much all of them would be breathtaking. The variety of landscapes and the vastness of the mountain ranges all over the state make for incredible locations for an engagement session.

I typically help my couples choose a location for their engagement photos. When narrowing down the perfect place, I often will ask for inspiration photos to get an idea for what type of scenery each couple is looking for because there is such a wide variety of landscapes in Colorado. 

No matter where they decide they want to take photos, I always consider of different factors. I make sure there is some form of shelter nearby, that could be our cars or a building of some sort. The weather in Colorado changes so quickly, I make sure that we have a safe place to escape to if the weather takes a turn for the worst. I look for locations that have decent walkability. While there are some epic views around the state – when taking engagement photos couples typically wear nice shoes that aren’t always up for a hike. Hiking sessions require a lot more planning and preparation, and often times, my couples aren’t wanting that experience. And I always have them pack a few different outfits to choose from, since most my clients are coming from the Denver area where the weather is typically pretty warm, there can be temperature drops of 20-30 degrees in different locations, even throughout the session. 

No matter where my couples and I choose to take their engagement photos, if I’ve learned anything from being in Colorado – it’s always be prepared for the weather to change. Here are some of my favorite spots to take engagement photos because they are easy to access by car or foot, have easy walkability and aren’t too far from the Denver area. 

I wanted to share two of my favorite winter spots and two of my favorite summer spots!

Sapphire Point – Breckenridge, CO

Sapphire Point is one of my favorite places to shoot in the summer and early fall. It’s only about an hour and a half from Denver, which is not too far for my clients and has the most incredible mountain and lake views. There is about a half a mile walking path loop around the area, and it’s easy for almost any type of footwear. There is a paved biking trail all around the area too that leads to other stunning locations, and it’s all within walking distance. It’s a popular spot because of the breathtaking views in Colorado, but I’ve always found private little segments to explore with my couples during their engagement session. I love that there are bathrooms, it is a great option to change outfits and for shelter if the weather turns on us. 

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Vail Golf Course – Vail, CO

The Vail Golf Course is open to the public in the winter and has gorgeous views of the Gore Mountain Range. There are paths throughout the golf course that are open to cross country skiing and walking. The paths make it easier to walk, otherwise you’re just trudging through snow – if you’ve ever walked in the snow before it can be exhausting sinking in every few seconds. Which is why I love that the path is packed down, makes it easier for my couples to have a better time while walking on the snow and enjoy their winter engagement session more! There are also a lot of hiking trails around to explore in between beautiful aspen groves. 

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Great Sand Dunes National Park – Alamosa, CO

The sand dunes are such an incredible location to explore and just a dream spot for engagement photos in Colorado. You’re surrounded by mountains in what feels like a totally different country. The sand dunes seem to appear out of now where and they go on forever. If you want a truly unique location for your engagement session in Colorado, this is it. Because it is a national park you will need a permit to shoot there, they vary on price but can be obtained by calling the park office. The best time to have your photos taken at the great sand dunes is early summer or early fall, as the sand can get incredibly hot mid-summer. And to find privacy, you often have to hike away from the parking lot, and hot sand isn’t the most fun to walk on. This location is easy to access from the parking lot but doesn’t have as much shelter for bad weather to access quickly, so you’d want to be fully prepared before heading out to the dunes. 


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Sylvan Lake State Park – Eagle, CO

I love the views that this state park has to offer, especially in the winter because there’s hardly anyone there. While it is a state park, I typically stay outside of the designated park area and walk on the road and trails nearby the park. There’s a lake that people are often ice fishing on in the winter inside the park. It’s a great spot for couples who are staying further up in the mountains, like in the Beaver Creek and Vail areas. The road and the paths around the lake are usually packed down, which makes it much easier for couples to walk and move around. Most of my photographs use some kind of movement to capture moments and having to not think about their feet slipping around. 

While there are literally thousands of spots you could take engagement photos in Colorado with all of the incredible Mountain View’s, these are my most favorite summer and winter spots for couple’s sessions! 



Like these spots? Check out my latest session at Sapphire Point. Are you looking to capture candid and fun moments during your engagement session? Let’s chat and make it happen! 

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