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Downtown Austin Elopement midst a Covid19 Pandemic

Taylor and Sarah eloped in downtown Austin this past June. They got ready together in their apartment with their dog Riley and then spent the evening walking around the city and exchanged their vows at Malverde downtown. 

It was such a sweet day spent together in the midst of all this COVID-19 craziness. Taylor and Sarah had mapped out a variety of meaningful places from their relationship that they wanted to visit after exchanging their vows. We went to their favorite coffee shop and then walked across the bridge to where some of their favorite restaurants are, stopped by the Texas capital building and then ended our tour on the path down by the river where they walk their dog. It was an honor to tell their story and getting to see the places that mean so much to them. 

Why Eloping?

Sarah and Taylor knew they wanted to elope, even before COVID was a factor. They wanted a stress free day, no strict timeline or set plan, just the two of them starting their marriage and celebrating with one another. When I asked Taylor why they decided to elope, he said a friend had sent out wedding announcements sharing they had gotten married, and it inspired him. He loved the idea of keeping the celebration between the two of them before sharing it with the rest of the world. 

Their families joined them in spirit for the day, FaceTiming throughout the day to be a part of the festivities. Taylor’s parents sent flowers, and Sarah’s mom sent the garter from her wedding day so she could wear it. Both of their parents sent letters for them to read, which was so special. Sarah’s parents FaceTimed while she got ready so she could show off her dress and join in on the sweet moment. And they FaceTimed with their parents after the ceremony to show off their rings and share their elopement celebration.

After walking around downtown the rest of the evening, we stopped for a quick drink at P6, a rooftop bar that overlooks the congress bridge. They shared their fruit garnishes as if they were sharing a bite of cake on a traditional wedding day and then headed to share a meal at a new restaurant. 

Their wedding day was the epitome of the you do you mentality that I always speak out. They did what made sense for them, what was meaningful to them and what they wanted to do for their wedding day. Especially, in the midst of a global pandemic there really are no set rules on what you should or shouldn’t do, you do you comes even more into play. If postponing is the right option for you, go for it, if cancelling all together is best, go for it, if eloping is what you want, do it. Do whatever makes the most sense to keep you, your family and your guests safe and healthy! 

Enjoy these sweet moments from Taylor and Sarah’s downtown elopement in Austin. 

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