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Matt, Amy and their son Caden escaped to the mountains to elope. With COVID preventing them from having a large wedding any time soon, they decided they couldn’t wait any longer to officially become a family. So they left Chicago and headed for Breckenridge, Colorado to get married. They even surprised all of their friends and family back home and didn’t tell anyone they were getting eloping in Colorado – they shared photos after the ceremony to spread the fabulous news!

We met at a local hiking trail and wandered around until we found a scenic location for them to exchange vows. Caden, their son, wandered behind, picking up sticks and rocks and exploring the trials. They exchanged stories with their officiant Julie as we walked around. Matt had planned the day without Amy really knowing much of the plans, as he wanted to surprise her too. Matt shared how he connected us all and how he found the beautiful location in Breckenridge for their intimate elopement in Colorado.. 

He found the officiant and me just a week before the wedding, and we decided on a perfect elopement location and time just two days before the ceremony. Matt even surprised Amy with wedding bands and had Caden hand them out during the ceremony. 

It was such a sweet day. No timeline, stress or concert plans to confine us. Just the 3 of them together joining as a family, exchanging vows in the mountains of Colorado. 

It was so adorable to watch their son Caden and the way he adored both Amy and Matt. He was so excited for them to be married – you couldn’t wipe the big grin off of his face. All three of them were holding hands, and Caden decided to connect Matt and Amy’s hand instead – it was the sweetest moment, I started tearing up. Caden even started tearing up as Matt and Amy exchanged rings. 

Even though he loved getting to watch Matt and Amy get married – the first thing he asked after the ceremony was if they could go back to the hotel and go swimming 😂. I mean what can you say, Caden has his prioritizes straight – I mean when your 6 years old, swimming at a hotel is the coolest thing! 

We walked back to the car, shared more stories and signed their marriage license on the back of their tailgate.

The morning was filled with so many touching moments as Matt, Amy and Caden became a family. It was a perfect cool sunny day in the Colorado mountains and the most beautiful start to Matt and Amy’s marriage.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed this intimate and fun elopement in Frisco, Colorado. Are you thinking of eloping or planning a wedding in Colorado? Check out this Breckenridge, Colorado mountain engagement session to see some other stunning locations nearby. I’d love to learn more about your wedding day plans! Let’s chat!

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