New Braunfels Engagement Session | Catie + Jack

Jack & Catie took a trip down memory lane for their engagement session. They explored the local park with their dog 🐶, ventured downtown to some of their favorite spots and watched the sunset go down over the nearby lake. Jack & Catie have been together for almost 10 years – they have navigated growing up together, dating long distance and raising a puppy together. 

It was so fun to hear them share stories from middle and high school, how their relationship began and how they’ve navigated wedding planning while both working hard to further their careers. Their story is so unique, and so full of incredible memories we wanted to capture some of those memories in their engagement photos. It’s not every day you meet couples who have been together for so long before they get married. 

We had such an awesome time getting to explore the city they call home and the areas they grew up going together. And of course, you can’t forget hanging out with their adorable dog Riggs – I mean just look at his bandana. 😭

We ended our session at the lake where they had Taco Bell dates back in high school. I mean does it get any cuter than that? 

I love that Catie and Jack opted for a place that means so much to them – I have been preaching to my clients to pick a location for their photos that is more than just a pretty picture. To choose a place that means something special to them today, so they can look back on in 20 years and remember what their favorite date night hangout used to look like or where they used to adventure when their dog was a pup. 

Engagement photos can be so much more than just pictures for save-the-dates. They hold the ability to transport you back to a place, a feeling, a memory – they can be a window into the past.

Take a look at some of Jack and Catie’s memories below! 

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