Magnolia Silos Engagement Session | Jake & Madi

Waco Silo Engagement Session

Madi and Jake’s engagement session at the Magnolia Silos was the perfect way to celebrate their love. We got to spend the afternoon exploring the market and even got to go up to the roof – which we had all to ourselves – it was so cool! It was fitting to go back to the place where they first met and started their relationship. 

Madi had gotten a summer job at the Silos, and it wasn’t long before she caught Jake’s eye. Jake had been working at the Silos for about a year before Madi came along and it wasn’t long before he convinced her to go on a date! They kept their relationship on the down-low after things became official not to cause any drama at work – when Madi switched jobs a few months later, they were finally able to share their love with the world! 

It was such an honor to get to photograph their love in the place it first started what a cool way to commemorate their relationship and encapsulate this special place into memories. 

Getting to photograph people in the places that mean something to them or tell a part of their story is such an honor. I feel it truly transcends just taking pretty photos of you and your partner for save the dates and tells such a special story.

We spent the rest of the evening exploring around the local part and getting to watch the sunset over the river. It was the perfect way to end our date in Waco. 

If there was one place that would tell the story of you and your partner, where would that be? For my fiancĂ© and I – I think our story would be in a number of places. 

  • At our old apartment complex steps – where we met – and spent way too much time running up and down the neon blue stairs. 

  • At our apartment – where we have spent the last year making a little home and building dreams together

  • At the farmers market – where we spend every Sunday picking out produce – trying samples from just about every vendor and falling in love with locally sourced foods. 

An engagement session can be so much more than just photos for save the dates or just pretty pictures. Engagement photos can tell your story. 

Check out a glimpse of Madi & Jake’s story in Waco at the Magnolia Silos.

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