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Oh man, it’s taken me way too long to get around to blogging these, but here they are! 


 OUR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS – well just a few of them anyways

We took our engagement photos last September in Colorado. I was there from the end of August to the beginning of October for weddings. Thankfully, I got to soak up a bunch of time with my parents and a bunch of the Colorado mountains. It was so amazing. Stephen joined me for a week in between weddings so we could look at wedding venues and hangout with family. It was the most fantastic month at home with my family and the best time getting to see Colorado in the fall 

It was my first time getting to be up in the mountains when the leaves were changing. Even though they turned super late this year and I missed the peak of it – I got to see a glimpse of the golden aspen goodness before I left. 

My friend Hannah came up to help me with a few weddings and took our engagement photos while she was there. We had initially planned to go to Estes Park to take them, but Stephen and I planned a last-minute trip to Idaho and decided that we would be better off taking the photos closer to home. 

And I’m so glad we did, this place means so much more to us then just pretty mountains in Estes Park. We took these photos only a few minutes from my parent’s house and in the mountains that I call home. 

It was the perfect spot that allowed us time to breathe, be ourselves and soak in all the stunning mountains around us.

We (okay I) had to take quite a few tequila and vodka shots to get in “picture mode.” Stephen had a glass of tequila before we left the house. If you can’t tell, we aren’t the most comfortable in front of the camera. 

So when I’m telling you I understand during your engagement session – I really mean it. It’s not easy being on the other side of the camera.  

(Scroll down to see the beautiful progression of me taking a tequila shot😂) 

We adventured around the grassy fields tucked in between the mountains, shared a whole lot of laughs, dance moves, and who knows what else — looking back through these photos, I truly see Stephen and I. I see us goofing around, poking fun at one another and having fun. I am so thankful that these photos aren’t serious or super intimate – because that’s not who we are. 

Our nights are spent on the couch watching movies together, stuffing our faces with chips and the farmers market lady’s salsa (we go through like 2 jars a week) and making fun of each other. Hannah captured that side of us so well, and I’m thankful for that. 

As we got towards the end of our session and started walking back toward the car we saw…. a moose. And not just any moose, a very big and scary one. So we ran… we got out of there quick. Moose are super territorial and aggressive that time of year. We were so scared – I swear we ran for 10 minutes and it seemed like we weren’t getting anywhere. 

Once we made it out to the clearing, we took a few more photos before turning around and see the moose right behind us again. We were amazed by how quickly he travelled. 

Thankfully we made it out alive. Literally, we feared for our lives. 

Poor Hannah fell hard running from the moose – cameras and everything. She was such a trooper. We made it to a local brewery and assessed the damage – there was still a rock in her knee when we got to the brewery. I’m pretty sure she still has a scar on her knee from the fall. 

I truly feel like these pictures capture the goofiness and fun that Stephen and I share. Stephens is going to hate that I shared any photos of him whatsoever but… sorry, babe, you’re marrying a photographer. 

Photos hold so many memories. They transport us to different times and places, and it’s so beautiful to look back at this time and this place. 

As I look through these photos, I remember the day so vividly, and the time we spent together exploring the mountains.

So here’s a lot of pictures of our faces. 😂 

All photos taken by Hannah Henke Photography. All photos edited by Sarah E Photography.

Thanks for scrolling all the way through! More personal wedding related content to come!

All photos taken by Hannah Henke Photography.

All photos edited by Sarah E Photography.

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