Union on 8th Winter Wedding | Micah & Taylor

Micah & Taylor’s winter wedding at the Union on 8th in Georgetown was the perfect way to end my 2019 wedding season. It’s crazy to think that 2019 has already come to a close, but I’m so excited to see what 2020 has in store and all of the amazing weddings I will get to be a part of next year.

Micah and Taylor’s wedding day was blessed with the perfect Texas winter weather, 60 degrees and sunny all day long. The perfect weather allowed them to have their dream outdoor ceremony in the garden. The garden at Union on 8th is beautiful, vine lined brick walls, and the industrial windows of the reception hall make for a beautiful ceremony site. Taylor and Micah chose a circle altar to accent their ceremony space, and Zuzu petals installed the most stunning flower arrangement to complement the altar. 

Like most wedding days, even though you’ve planned every little detail, things still go array. Taylor’s hair and makeup ran almost an hour behind, making for an extra stressful start to the day. When Taylor arrived, she took a few minutes to transfer who vows from her journal over to her vow book, but because everyone was bombarding her with questions, she snuck away to the bathroom for a moment alone. It was the sweetest moment and reminder of how carving out time to be alone or taking a moment is so essential on a wedding day. I think people often forget that the wedding day can be just as stressful as the planning process. 

While there are bound to be stressful moments throughout any wedding day, Taylor & Micah didn’t let those little moments get to them. So many joyful moments filled the day with laughter and happy tears. 

Like when Micah told Taylor, he had to get a new vest because the old one didn’t fit, and she died laughing, or when Taylor and Micah got really into their game of Jenga and had to share their feelings (scroll down to see what I mean 😂).

And the sweetest moment when Taylor’s dad came up to wipe the tears from her face as Micah said his vows. 😭

The reception hall erupted with laughter when Micah’s best man ran into the head table and knocked over the candles, catching the table runner on fire 😳. Thanks to a speedy maid of honor crisis was averted. 

Don’t miss out on all of these incredibly special moments below.

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