Allan House Wedding | Rowan & Johannes

Rowan & Johannes’ winter wedding at the Allan House was the sweetest day celebrating with family and friends. 

Rowan & Johaness arrived at the venue with their friends and family, and together they quickly transformed the Allan House from a home in downtown Austin into a beautiful wedding venue. 

When I initially arrived at the venue, I was convinced I was in the wrong place, I’ve had this reoccurring nightmare for years that I somehow mix up the dates and go to the wrong wedding on the wrong day. When I arrived, the venue was pretty empty, and the only people there were working at the law firm upstairs. I was about 30 minutes early, and everyone was on their way, but for a split second, I thought my nightmare had finally come true. 

It was so beautiful to watch Rowan, Johannes, and their friends spending time together before the wedding began. No one seemed to be stressed or at least they didn’t let it show. Everyone was simply excited to watch the day unfold. The day ebbed and flowed with both excitement and pre-ceremony nervousness.

Rowan & Johaness shared a first look together on the porch and watched over the balcony as tables were transformed for the reception. 

The entire day was filled with sweet moments between family and friends. And lots of laughter when the DJ accidentally lost the first dance song list and played the totally wrong song for the father-daughter dance. Rowan and her dad just went with it and laughed the whole dance at the mix-up. 

And later, there was a whole lot more laughter when Rowan accidentally threw her bouquet into a tree during the bouquet toss. We probably should have thought about that since there are trees in the middle of the dance floor. 😂

I left the day feeling energized, the love that Rowan & Johannes shared was felt by every single person in the room. They didn’t anything get in the way of celebrating the day with their loved ones – not the sprinkling rain, the heaters not working, or the overall stress of a wedding day. That’s what wedding days are all about. 

Check out Rowan & Johannes’ winter wedding at the Allan House below.

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