Prospect House Wedding | Brock & Wajiha


Where do I even start with these two, their wedding day was nothing like I had experienced before. I had never been a part of a traditional Muslim wedding before, so everything was new to me, and it an honor to be a part of. 

Brock and Wajiha have been together for over 6 years. Over those years, they have navigated a multi-faith relationship and all of the hurdles that come with combing two different cultures and religions. You can see the strength they have gained throughout the last 6 years because of these challenges. The love they share radiated from each of them in every interaction they shared; it was so sweet to see their relationship shine in those little moments. 

The day before their wedding, they celebrated with a Mehndi ceremony. The Mehndi is traditionally when henna is applied to the bride and family. The ceremony also includes family and friends feeding the couple a sweet coconut treat and dancing. To save the integrity of the henna, Wajiha chose to have her henna applied the day before, it can get rather messy during the drying process. So the evening was filled with lots of sweets, I think Brock and Wajiha only ate a few sweet because after about 3 they had enough and were just hoping people would let them take a tiny nibble. The rest of the evening was filled with one heck of a dance party, man I’ve never seen so many people on a dance floor at once. It was so fun! 

The next day was the traditional wedding ceremony. The wedding took place at the Prospect House, a stunning modern and industrial venue in Dripping Springs, Texas. I have always seen the most beautiful photos of the venue and was excited to be able to shoot there myself. 

The morning of the wedding, everyone was still recovering from the party the night before and not getting a lot of sleep after drinking too much Chai Tea late at night. 

Brock and Wajiha shared a private first look before the wedding day, and that’s when their love shined even brighter; they were able to take a breath and truly soak in the fact that today was their wedding day. Since they didn’t do a traditional first dance, I played a song that they would have picked for their dance and gave them a moment to have a private dance. 

The day was filled with so much love and celebration. Different beliefs, lifestyles, and political views all gathered to show their love for Brock and Wajiha and celebrate together, it was a sweet reminder of what weddings are all about. Love. 

I will be sharing details on more moments throughout the blog, explaining a few traditions throughout the post, so don’t miss out on those as you scroll through. 

Vendor Team:

Mehndi Venue: Mercury Hall

Mehndi Decor: Unique Designs & Events

Planning: Yellow Umbrella Events

Dholi: Anuradha

Wedding Venue: Prospect House

Florals: Bloom Bar

HMUA: Lola Beauty

DJ: DJ Anupi

Bakery: Sweet Treets Bakery

Photo Booth: Peachy Keen Photo Camper

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  1. Zulie says:

    You captured their multi-faith wedding so well! Love it

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