Canyonwood Ridge Winter Wedding | Leo + JoAnn


Leo and JoAnn’s winter wedding at Canyonwood Ridge was a day filled with family, friends and, heartfelt worship.

Leo and JoAnn have spent their relationship 7 hours away from each other, traveling back and forth on weekends and holidays, spending as much time together as possible. Because of their long-distance relationship, their wedding day meant their lives together could truly start, no more long-distance, no more late night and early morning drives and, a whole lot more togetherness. The weight of this change could be felt throughout the day; the excitement and anticipation for this new journey were palpable.

Not only was it palpable but, it was so evident in the way Leo and JoAnn interacted. I mean just look at Leo’s reaction to his bride walking down the aisle. It was the sweetest reaction I’ve seen in a long time, and he didn’t even think he would cry. I teared up as Leo’s dad, who was officiating the wedding, laid a hand on his shoulder and proudly smiled as he supported his son and looked at his future daughter.

It was so sweet that Leo’s dad officiated and that so many family members were involved in the ceremony. Grandma, Aunt’s and Uncles and parents all played a role in bringing different elements to Leo and JoAnn to bless their marriage and start their new journey together off with such incredible support.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Leo and JoAnn blew us all away with their heartfelt vows. Leo even went so far as to memorize his and man we were all impressed. Even his dad had to take a moment to collect himself before asking JoAnn to share her vows.

Everything about the ceremony was beautiful except for my epic fail. A few minutes in to the ceremony, I honestly don’t know how but my camera flew from my lap onto the ground. Landing straight on the lens and shattering the protective filter. I wanted to cry, but I did my best to keep it together. Sweeping up the glass with my hand so they wouldn’t walk through it later, it was right in the center of the aisle, and keeping my focus on the ceremony happening right in front of me. I tested the camera, and everything seemed to be working fine so I continued to use it despite the obvious dent on the lens. I am sending it off to see the extent of the damage, but I’m thankful it was still functional and didn’t interrupt the ceremony too badly. I told the planner later in the evening that if that’s the worst thing that happens all day, I’ll call it a success, somethings bound to go array on a wedding day.

Leo and JoAnn’s wedding day was filled with the celebration of their incredible selves. Their dedication, compassion and love for all that they do and those around them shined so bright as their family and friends gathered from all over Texas.

It was beautiful to witness their union with God and the start of their marriage and new life together! I was truly honored to be a part of their family for the day and to know such incredibly kind and genuine people.

I’m excited to see what’s in store for them next. For now, I’m going to go cry about my camera, and you better go check out Leo’s reaction to his bride cause I bet it’s the sweetest thing you’ve seen all week.

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  1. Heather says:

    This sweet winter wedding is absolutely beautiful! Austin Texas winter light looks like a dream!!! And those bridal sweet prayer photos!!! So sweet!

  2. Z says:

    Love it Sarah!! You captured their winter wedding in Austin beautifully

  3. Britt says:

    Sarah!! These are beautiful. Winter weddings in Texas are so dreamy. There was just so much love at this wedding, you can tell. I love a religious ceremony…. it just brings out all the feels. Great work, Sarah!

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