Ma Maison Wedding | Krista & Denise

Krista and Denise’s wedding was like anything I’ve ever experienced. The love and support that surrounded them on their wedding day were palpable. After 9 years together, Krista & Denise tied the knot at Ma Maison in Austin, Texas. With gay marriage only being legalized 4 years ago, Krista and Denise never really thought that getting married would be an option for them. So, the weight behind their wedding day seemed to be even greater. To celebrate their wedding and their relationship Krista and Denise chose to get married on National Coming Out Day. The entire day I found myself tearing up as I heard so many stories of how they never thought this day would be possible, I honestly on’t think the weight of that had ever really hit me before, I had never thought about not being legally allowed to get married.

The morning of their wedding, a cold front rolled in, bringing rain and 30-degree weather. Despite the cold weather and crazy wind, Krista and Denise stuck with their plan and had their ceremony outdoors, and it was absolutely stunning. Not to mention their personal vows that brought tears and laughter to all their guests. Denise quoted Beyonce in her vows which made for lots of laughter! And of course, their puppy Remi had to make an appearance for added adorableness. 

The entire day was filled with so much celebration and love for Krista and Denise. You would never be able to tell how freezing it was outside because Krista and Denise sure didn’t let it bring them down. Their friends and family truly felt like they were rallying around them to kick off their married journey with an outpouring of support.

I left their wedding in pure shock. A few minutes before their cake cutting, their wedding planner told me that Denise had prepared a rap for Krista. I didn’t exactly know what to expect, but based on what I knew of Denise so far; I could tell we were all in for a treat. We were all in for one of the coolest and most special things I’ve ever seen. The music started, and Denise started “spitting bars” (I’m not cool enough to say that), but she started rapping an entire song about their relationship. It was in perfect rhythm with a song, and the words were even more magical and honestly beautiful. I wish I had a copy of it to share, but Denise blew everyone away with her thoughtfulness and talent. I left the wedding shortly after the rap and I remember calling my mom to share what had just happened because it was just so cool!

Their day was certainly a celebration of love in any form and it was such an honor to be a part of. I know that they didn’t have the easiest wedding planning process, as they feared rejection for their decisions of who they loved, which broke my heart. They have since started their own business, Wedding Party Love, to help other LBGTQ+ couples plan their wedding day! Check out their amazing business 

And check out their amazing day below!

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