Fredericksburg Winery Engagement Session | Cooper & Jessica

Cooper and Jessica’s engagement session tugged at my heartstrings. We took photos at the vineyard where Cooper proposed, adventured around Cooper’s family land, and then stopped by their house to snuggle their new Goldendoodle puppy. (Don’t miss the cutest little puppy face 😍)

Jessica & Cooper were the first people to get engaged at Augusta Vin, a new vineyard in Fredericksburg. I pulled up to the vineyard and was in awe; the road was lined with vines as far as you could see, and at the end of the road was a giant barn. The two-story building was filled with two huge fireplaces, stunning Christmas decorations, and a ton of seating. It was so beautiful, and I can’t wait to go back and visit. The staff was also so accommodating and kind; I can see why Jessica and Cooper love it so much. 

After an afternoon glass of wine and lots of laughs, we drove less than a mile down the road to Cooper’s family land. We were welcomed by hundreds of little deer and wild animals (I forget their name) and the most adorable collection of barns and houses. My mouth was wide open as we drove in because I was amazed that such a beautiful place existed right off the road; it literally felt like you were stepping into a little piece of Disney land. It made my heart so happy to be in a place that they have family history behind and not just another field somewhere in Texas. Looking back on these photos years from now, I hope they can see how the property has evolved throughout the years.

As the sunset I knew we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to see their new puppy, Toby. A golden doodle with the cutest teddy bear face you’ve ever seen, I about melted when I saw him, and it took everything in me not to steal him. He was the sweetest pup and made me have puppy fever all over again. We definitely don’t need 3 dogs, but man he would be the dog to win me over. 

While all of these places mean so much to Jessica & Cooper, it’s their love for one another that means the most. They are genuinely two of the kindest people. Both so caring for the other person and those around them. They met me with such love and genuine kindness; it was like I was hanging out with two friends. We had so many laughs and shared so many stories. It was so fun to witness their love, hear how it started and how it evolved. Jessica and I were in the same sorority in college but hadn’t really spent much time together, which makes me sad because I feel like we would have been good friends in college. But after our session, I truly feel like I walked away with new friends, and we’re already trying to coordinate a time to meet up in Austin and in Fredericksburg. 

Don’t miss out on these special places and special people, and certainly don’t miss out on their puppy. 😭

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