Sedona Arizona Anniversary Session | Dallas & Sierra

Man, I was blown away by Sedona, the red rocks, sheer cliffs and, breathtaking landscapes had me in awe. Stephen and I flew out to Phoenix to visit my grandmother and check out a potential wedding venue a few miles from Sedona and, I knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit such an incredible place. 

And I’m so glad we didn’t because not only did the landscape blow us away but, so did the kindness and joy of Sierra & Dallas. Leading up to their anniversary session, I could tell Sierra and I would be fast friends. Her enthusiasm for life could be felt through the phone! I couldn’t get over how sweet it was that both Dallas and Sierra took the day off work to explore Sedona and make a day date out of their session! 

Not only that but, they were so incredibly flexible. The morning of the session, I had a family emergency, and we were trying to get back to Phoenix a little earlier if possible to take care of things. That same morning I ended up in urgent care for a few hours making, our schedule even tighter now that we moved up the shoot, so I moved it again. Twice in a matter of hours and they didn’t even bat an eye, I can’t express how thankful I was for their kindness and flexibility. I hate changing plans on people and absolutely can’t stand being late. 

Anyways if you can’t tell, I walked away incredibly thankful to feel like I have two new friends in Arizona! We got to adventure around Cathedral Rock and basked in the beauty that Sedona had to offer. I can’t tell you how many times I put my camera down for a second and said “wow” because the scenery was so breathtaking. I love feeling so small in such giant landscapes; there’s something that makes me feel so thankful to be alive. And in complete awe of the God who created it all. 

I wish we had more time to explore more of Sedona and more time to have hiked all the way up to the top of the rock because I can’t even begin to imagine how beautiful that view would be. I have a childhood friend who just got married out at Cathedral Rock, and I’m obsessed with their wedding photos because they hiked all the way up the rock the morning of their wedding and caught the sunrise at the top, I mean come on 😍

But take a look for yourself, this place is something magical.

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