Texas Old Town Fall Wedding | Austin & Amy

Austin and Amy’s Texas Old Town wedding was such a beautiful example of family working together to create the most amazing wedding day for Austin and Amy.

When I arrived at the venue, everything was set up and decorated for the day. Amy, Austin and, their families arrived early to get everything in place and it was beautiful. Amy’s sister had hand made modern decor that accented the rustic space perfectly. Austin was in the kitchen cooking dinner for the evening, yep that’s right Austin and his family helped cook all the food for the evening and it was delish. Meanwhile, Austin’s dad was out back cooking chicken on the grill, preparing more food for dinner. 

Their day truly was a family affair; it was so cool to witness everyone come together and offer their time and talents to make Amy and Austin’s wedding day the most incredible day for them. 

Amy and Austin’s friends joined them as they prepped for the ceremony. Austin’s friends got into some funny antics trying to sneak a bottle of wine to the ladies as they got ready. They had enlisted me for help, and I failed miserably, as I couldn’t find white wine anywhere! After successfully getting the bottle of wine, we realized we didn’t have a bottle opener. One groomsman tried to open the bottle by slamming it against the wall, which failed miserably again, Austin’s dad tried using a knife, another groomsman tried using his keys. Eventually, they got the cork to go into the bottle and it was “opened”, the whole event was just too funny and I’m so glad I was able to capture it, even though you probably can’t tell what the heck is happening. 

Amy’s Dad also showed the groomsmen how to catch a bee by remaining calm, which was so cool to witness. I’ve never seen someone do that and was amazed how easy it was. Sadly 2 seconds later, a freaked out groomsmen killed it. 

The day was filled with so much laughter and, it radiated joy to every single person there. Their ceremony was filled with such a wide range of emotions. I’ve never heard such a mix of crying and laughter during a ceremony. Everyone was in tears as Austin said his vows. He also had everyone laughing as he promised to unclog the drain even though it was all Amy’s hair. 

Amy started her vows and started to get too choked up to speak. She yelled, “f**k” because she couldn’t keep it together.  Everyone burst out in laughter, it was just such a raw moment. Both Amy and Austin had tears streaming down their faces as they promised their love to one another. 

Their joy was so contagious. Just look at the smiles on their faces as they left their ceremony! 

That same joy and laughter was heard throughout their friend’s speeches and the cake cutting. During the cake cutting, Austin shocked everyone by feeding himself a piece of cake. He didn’t realize he was supposed to feed Amy the cake, Amy’s face of shock says it all. So, Amy fed herself too. Not only did she feed herself but she made the cake, and dang it was delicious, lemon and blueberry goodness! Austin told me maybe he should have gone to more weddings to learn the right way to do things 😂. 

The night was such a beautiful illustration of family and friends coming together to honor and celebrate Amy & Austin. I was honored to be a part of their family, even just for one day!

Don’t miss out on this family affair; check out all of the laughter and joy below. 

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