Eden East Farm Wedding | Kyle & Andrea

Kyle and Andrea tied the knot on a farm in the heart of Austin. One of the last working farms in the city and such a beautiful hidden gem just a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Eden East has a farm to table restaurant and market open all week and hosts weddings occasionally on the weekend. The lush farmlands, rows of crops, and oak trees make for the perfect setting for a fall wedding. 

Not to mention, it’s the perfect venue for tasty food. When I arrived, two whole pigs were slow-roasting, and freshly picked vegetables were being cleaned up for dinner. It was so neat to see every aspect of the farm being used to make Kyle and Andrea’s wedding day come to life. 

Eden East is also a zero-waste venue, which I think is incredible and that every venue should be. The amount of waste that comes from weddings in a single evening is quite crazy. So if you’re looking for an outdoor venue with a beautiful ever-changing landscape and that’s eco-friendly, Eden East is the place for you!

Texas weather being its traditional bipolar self had us all a little anxious leading up to Kyle and Andrea’s wedding day. The weeks leading up to their wedding were filled with 80 degrees, 30 degrees and rain and sometimes in the same day. I always find winter in Texas to be confusing because of how drastically the weather can change in a week, thankfully the Lord blessed us with perfect 60-degree weather. Andrea even texted me early in the morning with excitement that the weather looked amazing! 

 Because of this bipolar weather, I came to find out that Andrea and Kyle had redone their entire seating chart the week before the wedding to fit everyone in the tent for warmth. I can’t imagine how stressful that would be, but it turned out to be the smart choice as the temperatures dropped in the evening. But as you can see, guests kept warm on the dance floor; it was packed all night long! 

Even though the last few weeks of the planning process were stressful for Kyle and Andrea, they didn’t let it show. They found the perfect balance of wanting the day to go perfecting and sitting back and enjoying the day as it unfolded. It was so refreshing to see as sometimes the stress of the day is so overwhelming couples don’t even enjoy it, and that just makes me so sad. 

The same mindset goes in creating a timeline for their wedding day. There’s a fine line between having a schedule to coordinate people and create a flow of the day and allowing time to watch moments unfold and capture, not create memories. ⁣While I always preach about having a solid timeline as a foundation for your day, your wedding day isn’t a timeline. It’s a day full of all your people celebrating your love, whatever happens in that day. Whenever it happens I’m there to capture it, I certainly never want couples to feel they can’t enjoy their day because there’s a ticking clock counting down the seconds they have till we move to the next thing. 

I want to capture the day for exactly what it is, not the picture-perfect day Pinterest makes you believe you need. Your friends, your family, your person all together, that’s what I am there to capture. That’s an honor to witness and to capture. However, it unfolds and whatever it looks like. 

So take a look at how Kyle & Andrea’s day unfolded. It was an honor to be a part of, and I’m so darn thankful that people invite me into their most intimate and special days.

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