Sonnenalp Vail Hotel Wedding | Vail, Colorado | Becket & Devon

Devon and Becket’s wedding was one for the history books, in my opinion, well, at least for my career history. I walked away with the biggest smile on my face, not even being exhausted could wipe it away. I felt rejuvenated. 

Devon reached out last fall after getting engaged, she had followed along with my photography from the beginning, which I was so honored. 

While we never met during our time at Baylor, we instantly connected over our shared love for Baylor, for Colorado, and well, we just clicked! 

It wasn’t long before I knew Devon would be one of those clients that quickly turned into a friend, and I’m so thankful that was the case. 

Not only was their wedding day a dream, but the entire planning process was so much fun, we texted about any and all things. I love it when I am involved in the planning process because it’s such an exciting time in people’s lives! Since the moment I got engaged, Devon reached out to offer help during our planning process, which has been the sweetest offering. Especially since we may be getting married in the same area. I was even texting her about silly my dog Emmett is just a few minutes ago. 

I’m was already so thankful to capture Devon and Becket’s wedding day, but now I’m even more grateful to have a friend because of it!

A few months before the wedding, we realized we needed to add a few more hours of coverage to compensate for all of the travel time between the different locations. The first look, ceremony, and reception were all 15-20 minutes away, which to some can be super stressful, but we made sure to allow enough time for travel with the added hours and not be overwhelmed. It made my heart happy since I feel like I preach to my couples about the timeline so much. 

Okay, so about the wedding day… I don’t think I’ve seen a more beautiful day. Not only was the weather perfect, and the leaves were starting to change, but every aspect of the decor and styling was absolutely stunning. 

From the first look on the top of a mountain overlooking Beaver Creek, to the chapel ceremony at the base of Beaver Creek Mountain surrounded by the changing leaves, to the most stunning reception at the Sonnenalp Hotel. The entire day was filled with elegance and touches of mountain decor. 

Devon had always dreamt of having her wedding under the glass terrace of the Sonnealp Hotel, and I can see why. The twinkle lights lining the roof were met with the changing fall leaves of Vail Mountain, let me tell ya it was a dream. It made me want to get married in the mountains all the more. 

Honestly, the photos speak for themselves of how beautiful and magical this day was. 

 My favorite part of the day was how Devon and Becket interacted. Their love was so incredibly evident. The little touches, the smiles plastered on their faces, and the excitement in their eyes was contagious. You could see and feel the love they shared the entire day. The smitten looks they exchanged during the reception 😭😭😭. 

They are two of the kindest individuals and the kind of client you hope to have each and every time. Their level of appreciation for me as a human and as a photographer brought me to tears multiple times. It’s been 2.5 weeks since the wedding, and Devon apologized for us not getting to eat the lunch she had for us 🥰. As they pulled away on their pedal bike Devon mouthed, “Thank you so much,” and I walked away with the biggest smile on my face; not even being exhausted could wipe it away. I felt rejuvenated and so loved. 

Scroll down to see what I’m talking about; you don’t want to miss these!

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