St. Vrain Wedding | Longmont, Colorado | Eric & Hailey

I didn’t meet Hailey and Eric until their wedding day, but every conversation leading up to the wedding day made me more and more excited for their day!

On the phone, Hailey was the most thoughtful and kind soul. She was constantly expressing her gratitude for my help and excitement for the day. 

When we created their timeline (lol, if you have read any other blog posts, timelines are my best friend), she was beyond thankful for the help, and I knew that working for her and Eric would be a real joy. 

And let me tell ya, it was. 

Hailey and Eric opted to wait until the ceremony to see each other for the first time. The build-up to that moment definitely weighed on them in a good way, of course. So a few moments before the ceremony started, Hailey and Eric shared a private first touch moment and prayer. It was so sweet to see their excitement as they heard each other’s voices around the door, their smiles were from ear to ear. It was emotional for everyone, even me behind the camera, I teared up.

This moment made me even more giddy to see Eric witness Hailey in her wedding dress for the first time. Sadly, Hailey, had quite the experience getting her wedding dress. Just 3 weeks before the wedding, she realized the dress she initially bought wasn’t going to work. The dress was ordered 4 sizes too big, and the alterations were making it into a completely different dress than the one she had initially tried on. Can you imagine the stress? 

So she went to a new shop and got a dress in a completely different style from her first dress. The new dress shop got the alterations and everything fitting Hailey perfectly in just 3 short weeks. And let me tell you it was absolutely gorgeous! I’m sure the first dress would have been too because Hailey is so beautiful. Still, I was so glad that everything worked out for her, I can’t imagine having all that extra stress just a few weeks before, especially because Hailey planned the majority of the wedding all by herself. 

The smile on Hailey’s face when she put the dress on was worth it; she said multiple times that she had never felt more beautiful. And the smile on Eric’s face as she walked down the aisle said it all the more. And that smile never left, their excitement after the ceremony was like none I’ve ever seen before! Just wait for Eric’s reaction after the first kiss, all their guests were cheering for them!

Not only was Hailey’s dress beautiful, but so was the venue. The St. Vrain was absolutely gorgeous. The modern venue tucked in the heart of downtown Longmont combined history with a modern and elegant touch. The brick walls and large windows flooded the reception space with light, and the interchangeable backdrop was such a cool touch to the ceremony site. The backdrop blocked the window from flooding light directly behind them, which from a photographer’s perspective is so smart, while the space was dark the white backdrop helped Hailey and Eric stand out so beautifully, not like they didn’t already. 

Just wait till you see these golden hour garden portraits. Talk about dreamy and beautiful. The Callahan House, a historic house, just a few blocks away, was the perfect spot for their portraits and the perfect spot for a few moments alone before the most incredible dance party.

Scroll down to see what I’m talking about. Shirts came off, ties were around people’s heads, and things got crazy. 

It was an honor to capture Hailey and Eric’s day at the St. Vrain and to walk away, calling them friends.

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