Surf Hotel and Chateau Wedding | Buena Vista, Colorado

Craig & Callie’s Surf Hotel wedding was a day filled with family, friends, and relaxation.

It was a joy to see so many people gather around to celebrate Callie & Craig’s wedding day. A day filled with emotion and excitement.

Callie had thought through every little detail to make their wedding day perfect for all their guests. Throughout the evening, I kept hearing guests mention how everything was so thoughtful and beautiful. Callie combined modern and boho styles to fit the dark walls of the venue perfectly. The boho furniture during cocktail hour from Hunt and Gather was the perfect touch to the modern venue and created such a beautiful space for guest to relax and enjoy the entire evening.

It was essential to Callie and Craig to find time alone to soak in the day. Which is something I admired so much, as finding alone time on a traditional wedding can be difficult if not planned in advance. Craig and Callie opted for a private moment after their first look and before and after their ceremony.

For couples who want a traditional wedding but some of the benefits of having a more intimate wedding or elopement, planning is key. Planning ahead and budgeting time in the schedule to take moments to themselves and budgeting more time in the timeline to slow the day down. Allowing for the time in the day to pause and soak in the moment and the reality of the wedding day is so important and can help a traditional wedding day feel more intimate and relaxed.

Timeline planning is key to any wedding day and why I start timeline talks from the initial inquiry. Taking into consideration the sunset time, travel time, and overall feel of the day can make a huge impact on the flow of your wedding day.

I’m here to help throughout the planning process and be an advocate for what you as a couple want your wedding day to look like.

Okay enough about planning, take a look at this incredibly beautiful boho wedding! This venue is quickly becoming one of my favorites in all of Colorado, it’s so unique and in such a breathtaking location.

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