Sapphire Point Colorado Engagement Session | Matty & Emily

Matty, Emily and I adventured around Sapphire Point in Breckenridge, Colorado, for their engagement session!

It was such a joy and honor to capture this special season of life for them. Emily and Matty have been together for almost 8 years and shared many travels and adventures. They now call Denver home and will be getting married in Boulder next fall.

We had to capture this incredible place they call home together.

Matty and Emily blew me away when they first reached out, they admired my work but wanted my help and opinion in picking out their venue.

Honestly, that is one of the biggest compliments and honors I could receive as a photographer. That may sound strange, but I’m a big advocate for being there for couples far beyond the scope of just showing up and taking photos. I help plan timelines, pick out colors for bridesmaids dresses, or help pick out textures for linens or suits. I even sometimes have brides send me their dresses to ask how it will photograph. Anything that my couples want help with or a second opinion on I’m there.

The venue is usually the first thing a couple books when planning a wedding. I mean you have to have a spot to invite people to and a date to do get married on, so it makes sense. So, I usually don’t get to be involved in that aspect of the wedding planning process. (absolutely nothing wrong with not being involved in that process)

Matty and Emily included me in the process because they wanted help with looking at the location, spacing, and lighting from a photographers perspective. It was so fun to get to walk through the process with them even just a little. Matty sent videos, photos, and links to websites of a few different venues to get my opinion on them.

It was such a fun process because it was a new experience for me. I was blown away by their desire to include me, I already felt like a friend, and we hadn’t even met yet.

So when it came time for their engagement photos, I felt like we were already friends and it made the evening that much more fun! Connecting with couples is why I love photography so much. I get to meet new people from so many walks of life and different parts of the country.

Man, I’m just blown away that this is my job and these are the kind of people I get to work with.

I can’t thank God enough for the abundance of blessings he has provided for my business and the couples he’s connected me with. I truly am overwhelmed by His love and this opportunity.

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