Austin, TX Spring Engagement Session | Denise & Krista

Denise and Krista are two of the kindest people I’ve ever met. We had such a fantastic time hanging out and getting to know each other during their engagement session. I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding this October.

Not only are they two incredibly kind people, but they are two hard-working small business owners. Denise is an attorney but recently joined Krista in helping her business adventures. Krista started a business that provides resources for the LBGTQ+ community to help provide a missing piece in the wedding industry.

Their blog helps provide resources without the fear of discrimination or rejection. As someone planning my wedding, I can’t imagine how scary the process could be from their perspective. I can’t imagine having to worry about being met with rejection or just pure hate because of who they love.

These women are on a mission for social change, education, and inclusivity. I have watched their businesses grow and evolve over the past few months, and its been inspiring to see how hard they are continually working. They have such huge hearts for others and each other.

It was such a joy getting to capture their love for one another during their engagement session. I can’t wait to capture their wedding day; it’s just around the corner!

Krista also just launched her new blog! – a lifestyle and entrepreneurship blog. I cried reading her wedding dress shopping blog post. Wedding dress shopping is scary and overwhelming. I loved hearing her perspective before I went to the bridal shop myself; it was empowering! 

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