Stone House Ranch Wedding | Nick & Melissa

Nick and Melissa exchanged vows surrounded by their friends and family in Dripping Springs.

Despite the overcast and moody weather, their day was filled with fun and excitement. They opted for ice cream sandwiches instead of cake (you don’t want to miss the cake they got for Melissa’s Dad for the sake of tradition) and board games and twister instead of dancing.

And a whole lot of laughs. Right before Melissa walked down to Nick for their first look, she stopped me and said she had different plans. Instead, Nick’s best man Conner was going to go in her place.

Conner quickly changed from his tux into a short white dress. We positioned Nick for the first look and out came Conner from the barn doors. All of their bridesmaids and groomsmen watched from the balcony above. Everyone, including Nick, busted out in laughter.

It was the first time I got to capture a first look switch up like that and was amazing; it was such a sweet and fun way to break the build of and anticipation of seeing your spouse for the first time.

When Melissa came through the barn doors, Nick’s reaction was priceless. The first words out of his mouth were, “You’re much prettier than Conner,” which had Melissa and everyone dying laughing once again.

It was a sweet time for the two of them to take a moment to themselves and release some of the built-up emotions of the day.

Wedding days are stressful, and a first look can often help ease that stress and tension.

More laughter came during the reception as Nick and Melissa gifted Melissa’s Dad a giant spoon and fork. Melissa’s Dad wanted to have a cake because of the tradition it holds. Nick and Melissa just wanted to have an ice cream sandwich truck, so they compromised and got Melissa’s Dad a small cake. To go along with is cake they jokingly gifted him a giant fork and spoon to eat it with! Everyone shared in the laughter of their joke!

Their fun-filled evening ended with more jokes as Nick’s groomsmen surprised them by hiding in their getaway car after their grand exit!

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