Backyard AirBnB Wedding | Mike & Allie

Mike & Allie’s backyard wedding was one I will remember for a long time!

Their wedding day was spent surrounded by 17 of their closest family members and friends in an Airbnb in northeast Austin. 

Allie and Mike live in Minnesota but wanted to go somewhere they had never been before for their wedding day! They decided that Austin would be a great spot to explore with their friends and family for their wedding weekend. 

Still not sure who told them Austin was a dry heat because they lied. Austin is quite the hot and humid mess in August. 

Despite the sweat and extra humidity from the incoming rainstorm, Allie & Mike’s day was so much fun to capture and the epitome of a relaxed wedding day. The typical stress that comes with the production of the wedding day wasn’t a factor. While we did have a timeline to stick to for lighting purposes, that was flexible. 

Intimate weddings allow for a more flexible timeline and overall wedding day plan, which came in handy during Allie & Mike’s wedding day when a few minutes before the ceremony, a rainstorm came. With the storm looking like it would pass quickly, we opted to take family photos inside to pass the time. 

Flexibility is key for a successful and stress-free wedding day; maybe things don’t turn out exactly how you initially planned or dreamt up but regardless of what happens you’re still married. 

The whole day was filled with emotions: excitement, butterflies, and a whole lot of happy tears. Mike struggled to fight back the tears, reading his letter from Allie and seeing her for the first time during their first look. Both Allie and Mike found themselves wiping away tears as they exchanged vows. 

Mike and Allie have been together for nine years; their wedding day marked the start of a whole new chapter of their journey together. It was beautiful to watch them officially come together as one after all that time. 

No rain, no snakes, or spiders could stop their wedding day from being focused on what matter. They were getting married to their best friend. 

Scroll down to see Mike’s reaction to seeing a giant spider during our portrait time. Mike has a serious phobia of spiders and a fear of snakes. Meanwhile, Allie and her sister Nicole are picking up every snail, frog and insect they can find during our time outside. 

Don’t miss out on this sweet and beautiful celebration of Mike and Allie’s relationship. 

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