Texas Summer Field Engagement Session | Gaby & Mike

I had such a fantastic time hanging out with Gaby and Mike for their engagement photos. I felt so refreshed walking away from this session. Beautiful humans inside and out, an incredible location, a golden sunset, and a great connection with new friends. It doesn’t get any better than that! I can’t wait for their wedding next spring!

They braved the Texas heat, the bugs, and my corny jokes all without complaint.

Gaby had voiced some concern about being nervous in front of the camera. She said at the time of their proposal, her body language changed as soon as she saw the photographer. I automatically recommended an engagement session as I genuinely believe that a connection with your photography is so important before your wedding day. Your photographer is the person that will be with you in the most intimate moments of the day. They are the person that will be there during your only private minutes of the day. So, developing a relationship beforehand is key.

And another reason that engagement sessions are so great, they are a great place to establish that connection.

I also know that most people have not had many professional photos taken, and some are not the most comfortable in front of the camera. ME 🙋. But that normally stems from not knowing what to do in front of the camera.

Which is why I chose a movement focused approach to posing and picture taking. The more movement the more comfortable you become as your focus shifts away from the camera and on what you’re doing. I also chose a very connection based method. I always encourage talking and chose prompts that create conversation. Because when you’re talking to the love of your life, the camera starts to fade further into the background.

While there isn’t one specific way to create photos or to pose couples, I find that movement and connection work best for most of my clients. And alcohol always helps. Liquid courage can go a long way for some people, no we’re not getting drunk, but it takes the edge off. I know I’ll be bringing some tequila for my engagement session.

Take a look at this golden hour goodness below!

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