Waco In-Home Session | Ryan + Emily

Emily and Ryan met during Welcome Week, their freshmen year at Baylor. Welcome Week is a week full of activities to help incoming students get to know each other before classes officially start. 

They are the 4th welcome week love story I’ve gotten to capture. Which is crazy since Baylor isn’t that big of a school, if you haven’t caught on by now, I too went to Baylor before landing in Austin. Emily and I were in the same sorority! She’s an incredibly talented musician and artist; she has the most incredible voice. 

Emily and Ryan met their first day of college and became close friends over the years. They eventually went on to become neighbors, accidentally moving next to each other. They went on a few dates throughout their time at school, dating a few weeks at a time but it never amounted to anything serious. Emily moved to Austin after graduation to work for a media company but found her way back to Waco a year later. When Emily moved back to Waco, she reconnected with Ryan. Emily did some freelancing for the company Ryan works for, and after that, they decided now was the time to start their love story. 

So here they are 7 years later. Emily wanted to capture her and Ryan in the place their friendship started, Waco, TX, and her Waco home. Just a few days after we took photos, Emily moved to McKinney to be closer to Ryan and end their long-distance relationship. I’m so thankful to be able to capture stories like theirs — stories with so much history and in places with even more meaning. Life moves fast, and memories fade quicker than we’d like to admit, it’s a real honor to memorialize such special places and times in peoples lives. 

I love in-home sessions because of how relaxed they are. We started Emily and Ryan’s session with mimosas, picking out outfits, and just hanging out. No time constraints or sunlight to chase. For many people, definitely for me, home is their happy place. The majority of my fiancé and I’s relationship has been spent cooking and hanging out in our apartments. Our home holds so many of our favorite memories together.

So capturing people in places that hold so many memories to them is why I love them so much. For a lot of couples being in front of the camera is overwhelming, and being in front of the camera in public is even more overwhelming. In-home sessions offer a safe and comfortable place to take photos. They allow people to be intimate in a relaxed setting. Kissing in public isn’t for everyone. So if that’s you an in-home session may be a good option.

And in Texas, in-home sessions are a great way to not sweat to death. Enough talking, enjoy this sweet session, and Emily’s pup Teddy stealing the show.

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