Chapel Dulcinea Intimate Morning Wedding | Trey & Ashley

The sun slowly covered the chapel walls as Trey and Ashely exchanged vows early Friday morning. 

Trey and Ashley got married surrounded by a few close friends and the Texas Hill country. Chapel Dulcinea added a Spanish charm to their intimate wedding that can’t be found anywhere else in Austin. 

 As an Austin based wedding photographer, I have always wanted to shoot at Chapel Dulcinea because it automatically provides an intimate and relaxed atmosphere for weddings. 

The chapel allows multiple weddings per day for free, yep free of charge. You have to pay a deposit, but it is refundable as long as you show up. This is such an incredible concept to me as wedding venues these days can quickly consume couples entire wedding budget. So for those interested in having an intimate wedding or an elopement but still want access to a venue, Chapel Dulcinea is a great option. 

Ashley contacted me only a week and a half before they got married. Ashley and Trey were on their way to figure out where in Austin they wanted to get married, and Ashley had just bought a dress online. While some, like myself, may freak out with so little time to get all the details together, Ashley and Trey stuck to what was most important to them. 

That their close friends could be there and that their church pastor could marry them, that’s all they cared about — and getting married to each other of course. 

They had the epitome of a relaxed wedding day. Ashley did her own hair and makeup in the bridal suite while giggling with excitement, the anticipation of the ceremony plastered a smile on her face the entire morning.  

Trey walked around the property with their pastor and friends enjoy their time together, waiting for Ashely to finish getting ready. 

There were no time constraints to rush them, no waiting on others to arrive. Their only concern was getting married and soaking in the moment. 

Intimate weddings take the pressure off a wedding day. Even with a timeline in place, intimate weddings allow for more flexibility. When it’s just close friends or family waiting for the ceremony to start or the reception to kick-off, couples feel less pressured to rush through the day.  The pressure of guests waiting at cocktail hour can add a lot of stress to a timeline. I’m not saying traditional weddings, and traditional timelines can’t be relaxed, you just have to work a little harder to make that a reality.

Allowing for extra time getting ready or between portraits can not only help for being behind schedule but also allow for more moments to breathe and truly soak in the moment.

So whatever your wedding day looks like, however you want to celebrate, I’m here to help make it as stress-free as possible. 

And that starts with the timeline, which is exactly why I talk about the timeline during our very first conversation. And why I created a wedding guide to help my couples have the least stressful and most amazing wedding days and why I’ll be sharing more tips on the blog soon!

But for now, enjoy Trey & Ashley’s intimate wedding, and see why I felt so energized and encouraged after their day!

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