Vail Colorado Winter Engagement Session | Hayley + Kit

Last weekend, Kit and Hayley joined me up in Vail for their snowy engagement session.

We ventured 30 minutes up a snowy, windy road to get to the mountain views, only to find the New York Mountain covered in clouds and incoming snow. Regardless of the limited visibility, we still adventured around by the river and in the snow-covered trees.

Hayley, Kit, Leo, Zoe (their dogs) and I had such a fun time trudging through the snow – and falling in the snow – poor Hayley got her feet taken out from under her by one of their dogs as they chased each other around.

I have shot in the snow many times, but I don’t think I ever will get used to it. Taking photos in the snow is beautiful, but it certainly has its challenges.

Cold temps making for slow cameras and drained batteries, not to mention frozen fingers trying to press the buttons. 😂

The snow adds a level of difficulty in simply moving around – deep snow makes it hard to move quickly. Quick movement is something I often rely on to create motion and candid moments in photos.

You have to act quick because bulky jackets aren’t the most attractive look for engagement photos and thus, clients are often freezing in their sweater and jeans, or whatever they chose to wear.

So I have had to learn to adapt to the limited movement and time. It’s been a fun challenge for me to learn new ways to shoot and make my clients comfortable in front of the camera.

Regardless of the limitations, winter photos are so beautiful. The mountains take on a whole new perspective when covered in a thick blanket of snow.

All of the areas around Vail, Colorado, are breathtaking in the winter and the summer months. It still doesn’t seem real that we live here full time.

Vail, Colorado Candid Engagement Photographer

Did you enjoy Hayley and Kit’s snowy winter session in the mountains? Check out this gorgeous winter wedding in the mountains of Buena Vista, Colorado! Want to document your engagement or wedding honestly and authentically, let’s chat!

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