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Gabby and JD’s engagement session got delayed due to the shelter in place orders set at the beginning of March. Little did we know how crazy the next two months would be with the development of COVID-19.

When things slowly started to open back up in May, we were all so excited about the possibility of finally taking their engagement photos. Gabby and JD were my first session back after everything shut down – and let me tell ya – photographing with a mask in 95-degree heat was quite the sweaty mess. I talk all throughout my session, both directing and hyping up my clients and wearing a mask made for an extra challenge. I had to speak a lot louder than normal because there was fabric in the way – creating even more humidity under my mask – let’s just say I had one disgustingly sweaty face when I took the mask off. 

It’s weird to think that photographing an engagement session or a wedding with a mask on will be the norm for the foreseeable future. I am not trying to complain about wearing a mask – because I know more than anything it’s protecting others around me. But it is definitely something I will need to get used to and adjust to. Never in a million years did I think that I would be photographing behind a mask or switching up my shooting style to be more socially distant – but here we are, and it’s time to pivot.

Okay, enough about COVID and masks. Let’s get to the good stuff. Gabby & JD. 

Man oh man was their engagement a breath of fresh air and welcomed human interaction 😂. I may be an introvert but, man did I miss hanging out with all of my incredible couples over the last few months. 

Gabby & JD took me to the spot where they made their relationship official. They went hammocking in the park and hang out on the cliffs over the river – so we did just that for their engagement session. I absolutely love getting to capture couples in places that mean so much to them and doing things they love. It adds such a layer to capturing their story. I can just imagine them looking back 15 years from now – may be living in a different city, even having a family – and being able to transport them back to the exact spot it all began – hammocking in the park. 

It was so sweet to watch Gabby & JD interact and poke fun at one another – it reminded me a lot of Stephen and I – we’re constantly joking around with one another. You could see the joy they had around one another, even through their joking, you could see the care they have for each other. 

We finished their session at the Dam, adventuring around the fields and rocks. Gabby & JD are both police officers and would have to run and train at the Dam. Maybe not the greatest memories they have but certainly a special part of their story. I loved that we got to go to a place that was not only beautiful but also a place that is a piece of their story. Hopefully, the memories we created during their engagement session will override some of the not so fun training memories. 

I’m in love with so many of these sweet moments from their session – we laughed the entire time – I’m so thankful Gabby & JD were my first session “back” after the pandemic shut down. I sure hope I can keep creating sweet memories with all of my couples for the rest of the year. But I’m fully trusting that God’s plans are greater than my own, especially during these crazy times. 

Hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and making the best decisions for them. 

With love,


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