Sekrit Theater Engagement | Andrea + Kyle


The Sekrit Theater is one location that my couples inquire about most. The glass greenhouse draws people into its whimsical nature and beauty. 

Even though I’ve had several sessions at the theater, I had yet to shoot there in the summertime.

So I was super excited when Kyle and Andrea reached out about having their engagement session there. I couldn’t wait to see it in full bloom, with the trees swallowing up the entire greenhouse and rest of the property!

While the greenhouse seems to be what catches everyone’s eye, the entire property is filled with quirky items, school buses, old cars, bathtubs, smaller houses, airstreams and just about anything you would see in an urban junkyard. 

I love shooting at the theater because every time I go there’s something new added to the property or things have been moved around to create a new piece of art. 

From the outside, the Sekrit Theater looks a whole lot like an abandoned house or a junkyard of sorts. 

When we pulled up I warned Kyle and Andrea to have an open mind because it is a sight to see. There were even old mattresses and debris on the curb the evening we had our session. 

If you are looking into booking a session at the theater be sure to check online to see what times are available, you must make an appointment and it costs around $100 to use the property for an hour photo shoot. I usually see the owner wandering around fixing up things or chatting with photographers. Often time people don’t show up on time and creep into your reservation so it’s important to be on time and prepared for other people. 

Anyways Kyle and Andrea kept their mind open and we made some magic in the greenhouse and around other areas of the property.  It had just rained so the green seemed to pop even more, or maybe it was just all the moisture in the air, I’m pretty sure it was 5,000 percent humidity that day! 

The sun came out and shine through the greenhouse just as we started shooting, it was magical!

We combated mosquitos, mud and a whole lot of sweat but it was so worth it! I ran by Walmart and picked up some towels on my way to the session in case things were wet from the rain, we ended up using them as sweat rags instead. The weather in Austin has been something else, I’m ready to live somewhere cooler but for now, I’m trying to embrace the sweat.

We then made our way over to Eberly, I restaurant where Kyle and Andrea had one of their first dates. At the restaurant there is a 150-year-old bar that was recently transported from New York City to Austin.

The rich mahogany was where many writers, artist, and creatives once sat. Its rich history added an extra layer of warmth to the restaurant and to the photos. 

We ended the night with some air conditioning and a cold drink.

I can’t wait for their wedding in November! Also, I’m thankful I’ll be a whole lot less sweaty next time around. 

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