Austin Boardwalk Surprise Proposal | Braeden & Olivia

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Braeden reached out in May looking to plan the perfect proposal for Olivia and boy did he do just that! 

And let me tell you he thought through every detail! He had two different backup plans in case of weather, he sent videos of the exact location he wanted to propose, had both their families there to celebrate and all their friends waiting to surprise Olivia at her apartment.

As a photographer capturing a proposal can be super stressful. I’ve photographed several proposals where I’ve never met the couple in person, ever think about accidentally photographing the wrong couple, my worrisome mind definitely has! Which is why the planning process has to go far beyond just a time and place. We walked through the sun direction, the way they would be standing, what they would be wearing, exchanged photos of each other and developed our “lies” to throw Olivia off. 

I was so thankful for Braeden’s detail-oriented mind because he had thought through so many things to make this moment extra special for Olivia!

Braeden and Olivia’s dad came up with the idea to decorate a section of the boardwalk railing in front of the Austin skyline. The boardwalk is where Olivia runs often, as she is on the University of Texas track and field and cross country teams, so Braeden knew it would be the perfect place. And to make it so I didn’t have to hide, he said to lie and say that I was waiting for a wedding party to arrive to take photos before their wedding. 

With an awesome plan in place, I was so excited to capture this moment, I think proposals have to be at the top of my list of favorite things to photograph, the anticipation, the joy, and the surprise make for such an amazing moment. 

As I walked up to the boardwalk I noticed a couple walking with what looked like decor and a camera bag. I cautiously asked if they happened to be a part of a proposal happening shortly and sure enough they were Olivia’s parents. So we walked down to the boardwalk together, giddy with excitement!

We got to the boardwalk to find Braeden’s mom and aunt already setting up the garland. But it wasn’t in the spot Braeden had sent the video of so we quickly shifted things.

Which is why planning every detail is so important when it comes to a proposal cause the person who planned it can’t be there to consult or help! 

As we set up both their families started to arrive and Olivia’s dad found a spot across the inlet to hide in the bushes, he filmed the whole thing from afar! 

(Olivia’s reaction to seeing her dad in the bushes is priceless, don’t miss it when scrolling through)

We got their families tucked away behind some trees so they could still watch the moment but not be scene and Olivia and Braeden came walking down the boardwalk a few minutes later.

Then I had to lie, I was trying so hard not to blush or give it away. Braeden walked up and asked what the decorations were for, I said they were for a wedding and that the wedding party was on their way they were just trying to find a place to park. He then asked if they could take a quick picture there, which threw Olivia off! I was afraid she would for sure know it was happening. Afterwards, she said she had a feeling but when I said that she was confused, so good job Braeden with the game plan! 

Olivia turned around to fix her hair for the picture and when she turned back around Braeden was on one knee. 

Her reaction was priceless.

After the sweetest moment, Braeden waved their families over and Olivia’s sister came running. Their families reactions were just as priceless as everyone was so incredibly thrilled! 

Braeden and Olivia’s proposal was just featured on How They Asked, don’t miss their sweet love story. They grew up down the street from one another! 

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