Surprise lakeside proposal in Austin | Ian & Lauren


I honestly don’t have to words to describe my excitement and love for these two.

The first time I met Lauren she was in Common Grounds, a local Waco coffee shop or for those non Baylor people the coffee shop on Fixer Upper. I vividly remember nervously walking up to her to ask her if she was looking for a roommate for the next year. We were in the same sorority but had never really met before and finding good roommates after having some bad experiences was a big deal for me. God knew that day would provide me with a life long best friend.

Lauren has been the loyalist of friends to me over the past 3 years and we’ve been through the good, bad and ugly together. And lots of ugly crying. Lauren’s the kind of friend that crawls in your bed with candy and popcorn, turns on a movie and just sits with you while you cry over a breakup. Or the kind of friend that every time you get together you have 4 hour convos with because you get side tracked with everything you want to say.

She’s been the consistency in this storm of college and adulthood and I thank God for her every day.

Lauren and I both moved to Austin after graduating from Baylor. Living on opposite sides of the city for work we really didn’t get to see each other often. But we were always there for each other even if it meant driving an hour in traffic to be there.

Okay rant over. I just love her a lot, I could write a novel.

So when Ian told me he was ready to propose you bet my butt I was excited.

We had been planning, waiting, replanning and then it was here.

Once Ian had the ring he didn’t want to wait. So just a few days later we used a walk Lauren and I had already planned the week before as the disguise. Ian and I met before and set up some blankets and twinkle lights, I lied to Lauren and said my meeting ran over (I did have a meeting, just not right then) and then I met up with Lauren and we started to walk.

When we saw the blankets and lights Lauren was confused why I wanted to go check them out, so she stayed up on the path trying to figure out why the heck I was trying to walk down to someone else’s blanket.

And then… Ian came out.


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