Backyard Wedding Colorado Springs, CO | Kelly + Brendan

Kelly and Brendan celebrated with their closest friends and family in Kelly’s parent’s backyard. The gorgeous day in May with the hard work of Kelly’s parents made for a perfect backdrop for Kelly and Brendan to celebrate their relationship.

The two celebrated their love and the soon to be the end of their long-distance relationship. Kelly and Brendan had been dating long distance between Hawaii and San Diego – their wedding day marked just a few more months of being apart before they could be together for good!

Their day was filled with so many special moments – it was the day that Brendan saw Kelly in a dress for the first time in their relationship, which was so special.

Brendan and Kelly exchanged the rings they forged together in Salida during their engagement session.

Poor Kelly even got a nose bleed in the middle of the ceremony as they exchanged their vows.

And she took it like a champ; I honestly had no idea her nose was bleeding until after the ceremony ended, I just thought she was tearing up 😂.

It was such a beautiful day celebrating Kelly and Brendan, and it was an honor to be a part of!

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