Caleb & Mandy

The love Mandy and Caleb share is so evident in the way they interact with each other


Every direction I gave led into the most natural and sweet exchanges and it was such a joy and blast working with them.


These two met on the other side of the world on a 9 month mission trip, the two couldn’t start dating till they were back in the United States but it wasn’t long before the two fell even more in love.


In their first year of marriage they’ve moved across the country together and a little after their first anniversary they are moving across the world together.


Their sense of adventure and love is taking them to Nigeria to be foster parents at an orphanage full time. Like what?! I am blown away by their love of serving not only each other but so many others. Like I wish I was as cool as they are…


Still swooning over this shoot because I got to capture a glimpse of their love

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DSC_7591 copy.jpg


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