The Atchisons | New Mexico Dessert Elopement


Don’t know where to begin with these two.

Anna reached out to me a little less than a month ago asking me to shoot her big day in New Mexico. She was afraid it being too close to Christmas I wouldn’t be able to come, but she said she wanted two things for her wedding. Me to take the photos and to have a robe with bride across the back.

Well she got all that and more. 

Daniel and Anna created the coziest in-home wedding with just their parents, full of glitter, their kitties and a whole lot of happy tears. It was simply beautiful to see how these two just wanted to be together on their big day, all the fluff and happenstance didn’t come close to simplicity of being together. 

Anna had dreams of taking photos in the dessert so to the dessert we went. Nestled between mountains these two laughed until they cried and got plenty of entertainment from me almost falling over rocks and cacti. They were able to get their desert wedding photos and engagement photos. 

These two got engaged just 30 days ago, they had planned on going to the court house but there were no judges available for 2 months. Knowing they wanted to get married in December, they decided to plan a wedding in less than 30 days! And what a beautiful day it was…

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